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What makes Lady of the Land products different?

We begin here at the Farmacy, where we grow many of the botanicals used. We source from small organic family farms in the US, Israel, and other countries. Knowing the people who raise, harvest, and process the botanicals ensures quality, supports sustainable farming, and fair business practices.

We use ancient artisan techniques to extract the healing elements from the botanical and into the carrier oil. This process extracts small and large healing molecules from the botanical, whereas modern processing extracts only the small molecules.

Aromatherapist formulated products. Libby Allison, "The Lady," received certification from Master Aromatherapist Avraham Sand of Tiferet Aromatherapy, with additional classwork in Torah Aromatherapy with Rivka Sari, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist of Aytz Chayim Torah Aromatherapy Studies.


We can also create custom blends specifically for you with our unique testing methods. Our testing determines the best botanicals for you and may include one or more: Ayurvedic assessment, Lunar Astrology chart reading, and Fragrance Testing. The multidisciplinary testing method is unique to Lady of the Land and allows for a very accurate match of the best botanicals for the person. We can also provide additional services to support your well-being utilizing. More information here.

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