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Health & Wellness Services


Through Ayurveda, we learn a straightforward and comprehensive lifestyle that brings health and vitality at the physical and metaphysical levels. My certified studies under Dr. Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute include:

  • Pranayama (breathwork),

  • Meditation,

  • Conscious cooking,

  • Building a daily routine with a focus on spiritual practice, health, and wellbeing, and

  • Healing relationships through mind, body, and consciousness, and

  • other periphery studies.

An Ayurvedic session includes determining your constitution and imbalances that need correction through a daily routine, proper foods, exercise and yoga asana recommendations, pranayama recommendations (instruction is an additional service), and general counseling. Depending on your concerns and goals, it can be helpful to have an Astrology chart reading as well.


I offer complete instruction in Pranayama and meditation by video for an excellent foundation for health and healing in the whole being. All Ayurvedic recommendations serve as proactive measures and rejuvenation toward longevity and health. It is truly incredible science!​

$125 for one-hour virtual or in-person appointment includes analysis and complete lifestyle recommendations


Plants, like planets, people, and everything around us, are created with a unique vibrational frequency or characteristic designating a particular role and job. When skillfully done, a professional Aromatherapist matches the frequency of the plant with that of the person.


Fragrance Testing is a unique technique I use, often in connection with Ayurveda and Astrology, to find the essential oils that will support your overall health and well-being. Because there is often more than one thing happening in our lives to cause imbalance, unique blends of several oils in varying amounts are usual to see with my clients. Testing can be done in-person or virtually and by mail, and the blends can address depression, anxiety, trauma healing, physical pain, illness, and more. An aromatherapy session will include an interview about your health concern, followed by Fragrance Testing.


Depending on your specific health concerns, sometimes adding an Ayurvedic analysis or Astrology chart reading to the Fragrance Test is beneficial. The more information I have, the more precise I can be with the essential oils I present in your Frangrance Test.

I studied and trained with Master Aromatherapist and pioneer in Aromatherapy, Avraham Sand, and received Aromatherapist certification from Tiferet Aromatherapy in Israel. Additional studies with additional classwork in Torah Aromatherapy with Rivka Sari, Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist of Aytz Chayim Torah Aromatherapy Studies.

$75+ Fragrance Testing with a custom oil 

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