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Kabbalistic Astrology

Astrology is part of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah that teaches us we are not destined to be controlled by the influences of the planets, rather we can rise above their influence. It's time to reveal these long-known but closely-held secrets. As a student of Kabbalah for many years, this is the system and approach I use in my work as an astrologer.


A natal chart reading with me will focus on identifying your life purpose and inner work, why you are here, and the work your soul has chosen to do in this lifetime. We look at your career, areas of service to humanity and the world, your relationships, how your mind and emotions influence your decisions, and how you are perceived by others. I offer other chart readings like solar return, Saturn return, progressed Moon, transits, or any type of questions for clients after a natal reading


Reading your child's chart can also be extremely helpful in understanding their life's purpose and how to best support their emotional, academic, and spiritual journey. We can also see how they view you as their parent. All of these things will allow you to become more aware of what type of support you can give your child to help them thrive in life, empowering you to be a better parent through this knowledge.


I follow in the footsteps of traditional healers who use charts to identify energy imbalances as mental, emotional, and physical concerns and offer a reading focused on these matters. I developed The Avraham Chart, a custom visual meditation tool, for my clients, and also recommend Ayurvedic practices and lifestyle, and Aromatherapy to support your process of healing in the greatest possible way.


My formal studies and training include Kabbalistic Astrology and Jewish Astrology.

$125 1-hour virtual or in-person appointment. 

$75 30-minute readings for children's charts, returns, etc.

I'm often available in Midland at local shops for quick chart readings. Contact me to find out when and where.

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