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The Avraham Chart

The Avraham Chart uses the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to assist you in soul-level tuning with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet using visual meditation. These letters are the energy frequencies that created the stars and planets.

As energy manifests in the material realm, it becomes limited, and we can experience it as confusion, chaos, and a lack of clarity. Meditating on these letters connects our consciousness to a higher energetic level. With the new insights and perspectives we receive through developing this meditative practice, we transcend astrological influences and can navigate our lives with clarity, truth, and purpose.

An ancient meditation method given to us by Avraham (Abraham) the Patriarch.

Avraham the Patriarch gives us the first example of this technique, looking “above” to the creative spiritual energy beyond the influence of stars and planets. He is credited with revealing these details in the ancient book, “Sefer Yitzirah,” the basis for The Avraham Chart.

"A custom meditation for any area or situation throughout your lifetime, always relevant for use."

Your Avraham Chart is unique, with letters arrayed according to the position of the stars and planets they rule at the moment of your birth. It provides a custom meditation for any area or situation throughout your lifetime, always relevant for use. When you use your Avraham Chart consistently, you can experience significant growth as these letters are unlimited channels of energy. Experience with Hebrew isn’t necessary for using this visual meditation tool.

What's Included

Your order consists of three pages of information about the Avraham Chart, which includes details on how to read it, the Kabbalistic meditation technique, and notes with sources and additional information. You will also receive two versions of the Avraham Chart: one in the wheel format of the sky, and a simple version known as the "Companion" for easy reference. All of these will be sent to you via email in a high-quality digital format.

The Avraham Chart Example.png

Your Avraham Chart includes your birthdate according to the solar and the Kabbalistic calendar, a key for identifying the corresponding element, planet, and constellation for each letter, and a key for the 12 Areas of Influence for your meditation.

The Avraham Chart Simple Example.png

The Avraham Chart Companion is an easy-to-read and use version of the sky map.

The Avraham Chart Notes.png
The Avraham Chart Instructions.png
The Avraham Chart Instructions.png
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Order Your Avraham Chart

To order your chart please email me your birthplace, date, and time. Orders are fulfilled once I receive your complete information - note that I cannot prepare your chart without your actual birth time - followed by payment via Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal. I prepare these charts individually and it takes a little time. Please expect about two weeks, as I try to underpromise and overdeliver on my turnaround time. You will receive a .png digital copy of your Avraham Chart and Instructions by email.

Going Deeper

This chart does not include an astrology reading and is designed to be used to connect to levels above the zodiac in your personal meditation and growth work. If you desire to understand exactly how these energies influence your life please let me know so we can book an appointment to discuss. Clarity on these matters goes a long way in knowing what to focus your intention toward.


If you desire to go deeper into the understanding of the frequencies of the letters I suggest, "The Energy of the Hebrew Letters," by Rav Berg, available on Amazon.

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