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The Avraham Chart

The Avraham Chart™ uses the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to assist you in soul-level tuning with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet using visual meditation. These letters are the energy frequencies that created the stars and planets.


As energy manifests in the material realm, it becomes limited, and we can experience it as confusion, chaos, and a lack of clarity. The letters are part of the system above the material realm. Meditating on them is one way the Kabbalists instruct us to connect to that higher level. With the new insights and perspectives we receive through developing this meditative practice, we transcend astrological influences and can navigate our lives with clarity, truth, and purpose.

This ancient meditation method was given to us by Avraham (Abraham) the Patriarch.

Avraham (Abraham) the Patriarch gives us the first example of this technique, looking “above” to the creative spiritual energy beyond the influence of stars and planets. He is credited with revealing these details in the ancient book, “Sefer Yitzirah,” the basis for The Avraham Chart™

"A custom meditation for any area or situation throughout your lifetime, always relevant for use."

Your Avraham Chart™ is unique, with letters arrayed according to the position of the stars and planets they rule at the moment of your birth. It provides a custom meditation experience for any area or situation throughout your lifetime, always relevant for use. You will meditate directly with the creative energy forces of the specific areas of life you want to address. This is lazer precision technology! When you use your Avraham Chart™ consistently, you can experience significant growth as these letters are unlimited channels of energy.4 Experience with Hebrew isn’t necessary for using this visual mediation tool

“According to Abraham, the spiritual DNA in our souls is transferred to each of us through a very precise and complex mechanism: the planets of our solar system. These planets are the devices whereby an individual’s spiritual DNA is imprinted into the soul. The nature of the imprint is determined by the exact time of birth and the corresponding arrangement of planets and stars. These ancient teachings are the root and precursor of the science of astrology.” ― Rav Berg, Kabbalistic Astrology: And The Meaning of Our Lives
What's Included

The Avraham Chart consists of five pages of information and two versions of your unique Avraham Chart which will be sent to you via email in a high-quality digital format. You can also opt-in for text alerts with additional meditations.

  • Information about The Avraham Chart and sources, details on how to read it, instruction in the Kabbalistic meditation technique, notes with additional information, and a key with descriptions of the planets, constellations, and areas of influence.

  • Your Avraham Chart with the letters ruling the constellations and planets arrayed according to your birth time.

  • A linear version of your Avraham Chart known as the "Companion" for quick and easy reference. 

  • Text alerts for beneficial letter combinations using the Kabbalistic calendar are available by opt-in. 

The Avraham Chart Example.png

Here's an example of what your Avraham Chart will look like. The accompanying information and instructions make it simple to use.

The Avraham Chart Simple Example.png

The Avraham Chart "Companion" is a linear, easy-to-read version of the sky map for quick reference. 

The Avraham Chart Key.png
The Avraham Chart Notes.png
The Avraham Chart Instructions.png
The Avraham Chart Instructions.png
The Avraham Chart About.png

Notes on sources, the meditation technique, and more are included with your Avraham Chart.

A Fresh Meditation Is Always Available
Plus Free Calendar Alerts

There are many letter combinations and uses with your personalized Avraham Chart. Changing your meditation is as easy as changing your focus letters at any time for a fresh meditation.

You can receive text alerts for auspicious times based on the Kabbalistic calendar for meditation with specific letter combinations. This is a great and powerful way to stay on track with your meditation practice and enhance your spiritual journey. You can opt-in for this service with your Avraham Chart purchase.


One-on-one meetings virtually or in person are also available for personal instruction and learning as well as group workshops. Please email your request to discuss details and pricing. I love working directly with my clients!

Order Your Avraham Chart

Complete the following form with your preferred payment method and username for us to send the payment request. If you need an alternate payment method please send an email for options. Cash is not accepted by mail but is encouraged locally.

For a limited time, The Avraham Chart is available for $137 or $72 (USD) if ordered with a one-hour chart reading.

Once payment is received, we will prepare and email your order in .png digital copy form within two weeks. 

Questions about placing an order may be sent by email.

Order My Avraham Chart

Thank you!

You will receive a payment request within 24 hours.

Questions regarding your order or payment may be sent by email or text.

Going Deeper

The Avraham Chart does not include an astrology chart reading, and though it is not necessary to use The Avraham Chart, a Kabbalistic astrology chart reading works hand-in-hand with it. A Kabbalistic chart reading clarifies the work your soul is here to do. When you use your Avraham Chart armed with this information, you are like a sniper, laser-focused on the target. Whether you choose to have a Kabbalistic chart reading with me or another professional, I recommend it.


Information you share with us to create your chart is not shared with anyone. 

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