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Natural Perfumery &
Aroma Technology for the Soul

The Spirit Collection

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The Spirit Collection, a line of oils featuring botanicals used globally and historically for ritual, anointing, and perfumery.

Ancient healers and people of wisdom taught us that strengthening our soul through the power of scent affects our whole being in profound and powerful ways. We use scent to connect to the divine and our spiritual lineage.


Whole botanicals infused in jojoba, sunflower, or olive oils.

Glass Bottle

10 ml roller bottle $12

Also available at The Desert Hippie & Co

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Blends using Ayurvedic principles to strengthen, balance, and enhance the subtle energies we receive from the planets. These blends will support us physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Perfurmery + Health Set

original_7be98392-2924-4963-945e-19248804fc37_IMG_20231120_134724639_BURST000_COVER (1).jp

Set of all four, 3 ml roller bottles.


I'm ready to order!

This set of four unique oil blends can be used as neutral fragrances, for health support, or beauty. Through the centuries botanicals were chosen in combination for all these three uses. Allow your sense of smell to direct you to the best fragrance to support your mental and emotional needs every day for every situation. Your nose is the best guide.


All of these oils are from small family artisan distillers in the US and Israel, and are the best quality on the market anywhere. I infuse and formulate each one.


Stress-Free lifts heaviness and brightens while also relaxing nerves.

Three Kings is sedative and stimulative, magnetic fragrance.

Headache Rescue is also refreshing, helps concentration, and releases fatigue.

Majesty is a complex fragrance, soothing, seductive, and exotic.

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