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Fire Cider & Defense Blend


Fire Cider

From a scientific perspective, it might be the rich mineral profile of Fire Cider that supports the body with things like cramping legs, sluggish metabolism, mental exhaustion, poor sleep, and inadequate immune system function. I think of it as a booster for my mitochondrial health. 

For a bit of a deep dive into Fire Cider, what it's good for, who it's suitable for (from an Ayurvedic perspective), and how to make your own, check out this video. 22 minutes

Defense Blend

Broad-spectrum defense combines several essential oils with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. This diffusion delight will keep your home or workplace feeling fresh and clean from germs.


Like all of our oils, this blend uses artisan distilled oils that are organic, sustainably farmed from small farms, or wild harvested. We are committed to bringing the highest quality product possible to support your well-being.


Fire Cider

16 oz swing-top lid $24

26 oz screw-cap wine bottle $39

Defense Blend

5 ml $36

Bundle both 10% off

Reserve with Payment by 8/24

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