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Perfumery + Health Set

Health Fragrance Beauty.jpg

Set of all four, 3 ml roller bottles.


This set of four unique oil blends can be used as neutral fragrances, for health support, or beauty. Through the centuries botanicals were chosen in combination for all these three uses. Allow your sense of smell to direct you to the best fragrance to support your mental and emotional needs every day for every situation. Your nose is the best guide.


All of these oils are from small family artisan distillers in the US and Israel, and are the best quality on the market anywhere. I infuse and formulate each one.


Stress-Free lifts heaviness and brightens while also relaxing nerves.

Three Kings is sedative and stimulative, magnetic fragrance.

Headache Rescue is also refreshing, helps concentration, and releases fatigue.

Majesty is a complex fragrance, soothing, seductive, and exotic.

Lip Care

Ultra Moisture
Lip Balm


Organic lip care for healing and protection.

We infuse Calendula flowers in Sunflower Oil for rich Vitamin E and antioxidants. Calendula is the go-to for healing chapped lips and skin, and keeps them soft and smooth. Refreshing mint scent. 


Recyclable, old-school cardboard tube holds .3 oz - more than standard plastic tubes.


Beard Care

Beard Conditioning Oil

Beard Conditioning Oil.png

Jojoba oil base to shine and smooth with essential oils for a fresh scent without heavy perfume. 

Antioxidant-rich. Protects and nourishes.

10 ml roller bottle to apply a small amount on your hands for smoothing over facial hair.


Linens & Body

​Pillow + Body Spray


This special blend calms and grounds the mind so it's perfect to spray on your pillow just before bed. These oils are also excellent for skin and hair care so spray on your face, hair, and body and you will notice how soft and lightly fragrant it leaves you. It's light and gentle enough for everyone.

Glass Spray Bottle

2 oz $7

Foot Spa

Peppermint Balm Winter Foot Spa

Peppermint Foot Balm.jpg

This is an absolute powerhouse for foot health! Revitalizes tired, sore feet. Heals cracked skin and skin problems. These oils relax mental stress, too!

Our calendula flowers infused in sunflower oil provide the healing base for this product, then we add artisan distilled essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, marjoram, juniper berry, and pine. Anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties are covered in this balm gem.

When your feet are loved, the whole world looks better!


& Lavender

Frank and Lavendar.jpg

10 ml roller bottles

$12 each or both for $20


We source sustainable Frankincense resin and infuse it in olive oil, so it's ready to be applied directly to the skin. 

Boswellia Carterii, the type of Frankincense we use in this product, smells heavenly. Frankincense is one of the most effective essential oils for respiratory health and helps to slow and relax breathing. That's why it's an excellent aid for spiritual practice and relaxation. In addition, our infused oil is perfect for mature and dry skin and helps to protect it during cold, dry winters.


We think this is the number one item to have on hand for natural health and beauty because of its virtually endless list of uses.

We create this oil using the ancient infusion method with Lavender grown in our organic garden.

First aid includes cuts, rashes, itching, insect bites, and burns. Pain and stress reducer for headache, insomnia, nervousness, stress, tension, and anxiety. Skincare for breakouts and aging. Plus, this particular lavender smells freaking amazing!!


Frankincense Bath Salts

Frank Bath.jpg

We combine just the right amount of our Frankincense Infusion into our bath salt formula to create a heavenly experience.

Relaxation from the magnesium in the mix as well as the Frankincense aromatherapy are mentally and physically healing. Excellent before bed to help induce restorative sleep.

8 oz $6

16 oz $12

Eucaplyptus Bath Salts

Organic leaf of Eucalyptus from Australia and our Calendula-infused Sunflower oil will ease respiratory troubles, relax overworked muscles, and keep skin supple in a hot soak. Eucalyptus opens the airways so it also works to help us breathe deeply to relax the sympathetic nervous system. 

8 oz $6

16 oz $12

Ayurvedic Specialty Food Products

Organic Ghee & Organic Cacao Ghee

Organic Ghee.jpg
Cacao Ghee.jpg



Ghee comes to us from the wisdom of Ayurveda (the science of life) and dates back thousands of years. Its many uses make it a staple in homes to this day.

Ghee is loved as a cooking oil because it has a high smoke point and a healthy nutrition profile. It's a catalytic agent, assisting the body in absorbing nutrients from the foods and herbs taken with it, and stimulates agni (digestive fire).

Ayurveda also recommends topical use of ghee. It's beneficial for abhyanga (self-body massage before bathing) to nourish and lubricate body tissues and increase skin luster, rejuvenate dry skin, soothe nursing mothers' breasts, and more.



Organic butter (pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free, kosher certified).


16 oz $25


Cacao Ghee Description

All of the amazing benefits of our ghee (see above) with added benefits from organic cacao powder.


Antioxidant, cognitive function, mood enhancer, boosts the immune system through both systemic anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as intestinal anti-inflammatory qualities and friendly gut bacteria-boosting effects to name a few.

*This information sourced through Chopra.

Born to kick up your coffee and more!


Cacao Ghee Ingredients: 

Organic butter (pasture raised, antibiotic and hormone free, kosher certified), organic cacao.


8 oz $15

Chamomile Neroli Infusion


This product is available exclusively at

The Desert Hippie & Co.

(432) 599-0789

2101 W Wadley Ave Ste. 42

Midland, TX 79705

Neroli is a hauntingly beautiful fragrance that takes its name from an Italian princess who used it as her favorite perfume. It is wonderful for rejuvenating skin care, and with our Chamomile base, it is excellent for reducing inflammation and calming sensitive skin.


  • Rejuvenating skincare

  • Antidepressant

  • Excellent for relieving anxiety

  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic

  • Sleep assistant

  • Healing any issue stemming from emotional stress

  • Calms nerves 


Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of sun and heat.

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Beard Care
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Cham Neroli

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